50 aniversario ESCRBC

Extracurricular Activities

The ESCRBC organizes extracurricular activities throughout the year for its students and graduates as well as for other people interested in recycling or improving their training in specialized fields or related to the Conservation and Restoration of cultural property.

Within this section we should mention the Work Campaigns that are traditionally offered during the summer period exclusively for the students of our School. These summer campaigns allow ESCRBC students to apply in situ the knowledge acquired in conditions that are often irreproducible in the restoration workshops, as well as a first approach to what will soon constitute for many of them their working environment.

Apart from the aforementioned summer campaigns, the ESCRBC has been offering for more than five years and in the evenings activities as diverse as lecture series on preventive conservation, or courses such as gilding applied to bookbinding, conservation of photographic collections or preservation of filmic materials, among many others.

On the other hand, for more than twenty years the ESCRBC has hosted the weekly activities organized by the Spanish Association of Friends of Archaeology,of which it is an honorary member, as well as the technical conferences occasionally organized by AESCROM, the association of students and alumni of the School itself.

The speakers at these courses and conferences are always professionals of recognized prestige and sometimes also ESCRBC professors. The prices of the extracurricular activities are usually partially subsidized for ESCRBC students and alumni and participants receive the corresponding certificate of attendance, with which they can later apply.