50 aniversario ESCRBC

Patina Magazine

The Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property has published the PÁTINA magazine since 1985.

It is a non-profit publication made with the selfless effort of the teaching staff of our School.

Dean of the periodical publications on conservation-restoration published in our country, its origin has to do with the need to cover a gap within the bibliography in our language, in addition to contributing (through exchanges with other institutions in the cultural field) to enrichment of the funds of the Library of the ESCRBC. With the passing of time, the quality of its articles and the careful printing made it an obligatory reference in the professional and educational world.

From issues 17-18 (2015), the magazine is published exclusively in digital format.

PÁTINA deals with issues related to the study of cultural property in a broad sense, although, as is logical, it has a special sensitivity towards those related to its conservation and restoration.

Access to the consultation and download of all the articles published in PÁTINA is free and can be done from the web page http://patina.edu.es/index.php/patina/index, which has a tool that allows search by author, subject and date.